3-Dimensional Projects

Wayfinding project. A first draft, this project was about organizing information using all dimensions, forcing us to think more like industrial designers.

Final draft. I organized data from the 2010 winter olympics, based on time, location, and event.

Form & Structure project. I created a wearable pair of shoes from a single chosen material- plastic. I used placemats, currogated plastic, and a shower mat.

Form & Structure project. I redesigned and built the Rosalie Sharp Pavilion, incorporating a statue and reshaping the building to match the rest of the OCAD campus.

Form & Structure project. I created a sculpture using one type of shape that shifts in size and dimension.

Packaging/branding project. After choosing a product and identifying a target demographic, I created the Peacock Fashion Lashes brand.

...I created an interactive package that contains the lashes beneath the plastic window, and opens up once unsealed.

...With a 12-25 age female demographic in mind, I made it lively and eyecatching. After studying competing products, I felt this demographic was overlooked, which drew me to brand this product.